About Yalorpages

Yalorpages Marketing committed to provide low cost entry advertisement for businesses in Malaysia. Through its mission "Internet the way of the future Advertisement", we aim to grow Malaysia's small medium enterprises and businesses through the internet and building an environment that enables online advertisment, creating socio-economic growth and aiding businesses to prosper.

Yalorpages desires to be a game setter in the Malaysian market in innovation and services by being a leader in providing and enhancing business opportunities for all through cheap and easily accessible advertisement on the internet. Connecting People on the Internet.

Malaysia is progressing towards a developed country and we aim to connect people and business on the Internet – empowering the change in the way they live, learn and work as well as the way business is transacted.

We believe in providing easy access to advertisement and the way the business is advertised online, at affordable pricing.

Making "Internet the way of the future Advertisement" the way of life

We inspire to making a positive impact through these initiatives.

The Future of Advertisement in your Hands

We aim to deliver the best online advertisement experience to help our customers across Malaysia to enhance the business opportunities online everytime and everywhere.

Why us

Why you need Yalorpages when there is Google?

Yalorpages: Google is a global search engine, the result is good but always too many options.

Yalorpages is more useful compare to Google in local area search because we only shows the local areas and more useful when you search for specific business nearby which we only provide you option of your area, providing contact number and location and direction.

Yalorpages is an Online company which we are more focused in marketing of local business area. We are committed to handle and control the market changes as well we understand the local needs.

Yalorpages website provides your very own personalised webpage for your Company, Products, Contact Details, Location Map and Details of your services.

Yalorpages website focused on location of business, contact number and direction. It is useful when you are searching for specific businesses nearby.

Advertise with Yalorpages and your company will not only be known by the local consumers, but will enhanced your business growth as there is no boundaries on internet advertisement.

Yalorpages will get your customers to your doorstep with just a simple advertisement with company's detail 24/7.

Can you find your company in any search engine in the Internet? Let Yalorpages do the job for you to get your business online. Yalorpages will not only get your business online but your business will be easily found through the Internet.

With our services, the advantage to grow and make your businesses known better than using any search engines on the Internet.